…because I’m honest.  Paleo’s don’t eat cheese or butter, 2 things that have benefits when eaten full-fat, raw and/or grass-fed.  Weston and Mark agree with me, right boys? ;)

Yes, most of the time I don’t even eat cheese, but sometimes I do (about 1oz in my omelet).  That technically makes me a cheating paleo, or a mild paleo – whatever you want to call it.  I’d rather be 100% primal than a paleo with her head down.  Also, I don’t like: 1. to consider myself to be on a diet and therefore have to “cheat” to have 100% cacao or grass-fed aged cheddar or 2. food dogma or people who think they are somehow better because of what they eat.  Yikes.

Anywhoo, I realize non-primal/paleo people think I’m a tad weird when I politely decline grains.  Mainly because I’m young, thin and exercise most days of the week.  Aren’t grains healthy?  Well the short answer: I don’t digest them well and they send my hormones way wacky (hence no cycle).  Longer answer: there is proof for PCOS and insulin sensitivity (read: grain consumption) and I’m in the process of trying to see if I will get my period back eating this way.  Although I don’t know what my exact diagnosis is, it’s been about 10 months since I’ve come off of birth control with no cycle.  I have an appointment with my OBGYN in a few weeks.  I truly believe my lack of ovulating/cycle is due to my (previous) low-fat, grain-heavy diet.

When (yes, when) I get pregnant I will be primal all the way.  You see, this isn’t a fad or a phase, this is my HEALTH and the future of our family!  I’m praying for a cycle or a baby, whichever would bring God the most Glory at this point in our life!!