Welp, I caved.

I had some family do paleo a few months ago and secretly made fun of them for all 30 days.  They are on my husband’s side so I couldn’t actually be an “i-eat-oats-and-it-sucks-that-you-can’t” girl.  After all, I’m a lady.  Fast forward a few months later, I was intrigued by the idea of going grain-free.  I haven’t gotten my period (sorry guys) for 10 months after getting off the pill and have racid gas (gross, again, sorry) everyday.  I thought it was dairy so I said goodbye.  Ok, no dairy and still there.  Sooo, maybe it’s wheat?  Eliminating wheat did help some but I was still NOT having regular trips (if you know what I mean) and my stomach hurt after I ate.  I was moody, smelly, irritated and not getting my period.  I tried to take natural remedies like vitex or maca that I heard worked for other people and … nothing.  Then I started to read about anti-nutrients in grains in general.  To be honest, I totally avoided these articles because I just didn’t want my “healthy” habits to be tainted.  So, ignorance it is but that only worked for so long…

I was praying that God would show me what to do and what to eat to help heal my body.  I knew it was something I was eating and have been a REAL FOOD fan for a few years now and lost 30 lbs that I haven’t seen back!  (WOOHOO)  My daily diet really is/was whole foods so it made it even MORE confusing why I didn’t FEEL good.  What am I doing wrong?  One problem: I was literally afraid of eating saturated fats.  In a nutrition class I took we had to do “diet evaluations” each week.  I truly prided myself on my whole-grain, lean meat, low-fat diet – “Don’t you see how pure and healthy I am?” assignments.  Lets side step the fact I have horrible gas and don’t poop regularly.  Oh yes, I’m always hungry too.  It didn’t make any sense!!!  I was eating oats for breakfast, brown rice wraps with lunch and beans and rice for dinner – YIKES – Can you say malabsorption and an unhealthy gut?

Cue primal eating.

Long story short, I was searching online for possible ways to get my period back without medication.  I kept stumbling on websites that cited saturated fat as being key for the return of menstruation in women with amenorrhea (i.e. haven’t had period in a long time).  Then I remembered that’s what those crazy family members did – low carb, high fat primal/paleo.  There is a bunch of science in there too about PCOS and insulin sensitivity being a culprit.  Google it!  My heart started to soften toward a new way of eating.

So thus began my journey.  I set aside everything I thought I knew about healthy eating in order to gain new insight and have a new experience.  I kept praying God would increase my desire for foods that will heal the beautiful body He created.  That’s the other thing, I’m totally happy with my current body size.  I truly want to go primal to see how it affects my cycle/moods/fertility etc.

I figure, I can always go back to what didn’t work – so why not try something NEW?  I went slow at first and finally felt prepared to go 100%.  It took me about a week to make 1 meal primal (dinner), then lunch, then I let go of my precious oatmeal – LOL.  I still feel mixed up about where potatoes, quinoa and white rice will fit into my active workout / 23-year old / maintenance body size LIFE.  I know more will be reveled :)

Day 8 update:  I feel AWESOME, a little tired the first few days but I don’t miss my oatmeal, brown rice and feel satisfied after every meal.  Plus, I’m getting leaner (even though I was thin before) & *BONUS: my husband says my back & butt looks good ;)